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Best of 2018

Phill Niblock

Nothin To Look At Just A Record (Lp)

Label: Superior Viaduct

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Immersion. Everything and nothing, suspension is supreme. A visceral listening experience.

With a multi-practice body of work which spans more than half a century, Phill Niblock is one of the great figures of American experimental music - a documenter, advocate, filmmaker, and composer of seminal importance. Niblock has always been about the long game, slowly releasing a meticulously crafted body of work over the course of his many decades. His first album, Nothin To Look At Just A Record, originally issued in 1982, was no acceptation. Released fourteen years into his career as a composer, it hasn’t aged a bit - a true testament to the timelessness of his work. Reissued on vinyl for the first time by Superior Viaduct in 2013, we’re thrilled to announce that the label has brought it back with a fresh repress. If you missed it the first time, this is a moment not to be missed.

Nothin To Look At Just A Record was originally release by the iconic imprint, India Navigation - part a slim catalog of iconic Minimalist works which appeared toward the end of the label’s tenure, including Yoshi Wada’s Lament for the Rise and Fall of the Elephantine Crocodile, and Arnold Dreyblatt’s Nodal Excitations. Like its peers, Niblock’s recording debut, made during the mid 70s, pushed the avant-garde into the next decade, taking radicalism and restraint to new heights. Comprised of two sidelong works - A Trombone Piece and A Third Trombone, played, respectively, by James Fulkerson and Jon English, the LP builds on the composer’s careful harnessing of acoustic and spacial phenomena -  long from drone works which closely pitched tones, which create immersive sonic environments and pulsing beats.Filled humanity and life, and completely intoxicating - a bath of overwhelming sound, Nothin To Look At Just A Record has long be regarded as Niblock’s masterpiece - one of the great works of Minimalism, drone, and 20th century composition. We are overjoyed to see it back on its original format once again. Yet another stunning work in Superior Viaducts wonderful reissue catalog. Not to missed. This one is as essential as they come for fans of Minimalism and avant-garde music at large.



Cat. number: SV033
Year: 2018

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