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Alan Licht's minimal top ten

Alan Licht's revelatory lists of rare and obscure minimalism releases.

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Richard Youngs



Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Jagjaguwar is now proud to reissue this very important work on vinyl as well. Advent became a true underground success story, a critical darling, with Alan Licht, for example, putting it on his 'minimal top ten list' in the publication Halana. 'It is a record by an intense young man,' writes Richard Youngs, in an essay packaged with the record." Kinda amazing to have this record back on vinyl, in the year 2006. Originally recorded in 1988, it features Richard on electric guitar, piano, oboes and vocals. When first released, it came out of nowhere more than just about any record you could name. In a world swimming in wrongs, everything about this LP is just perfectly right.
Cat. number: jag062lp
Year: 2007
Electric guitars recorded on 14/12/1988 in Harpenden.
Piano recorded on 15/12/1988 in London.
Oboes and vocals recorded on 16/12/1988 in Harpenden.
This mix made on 24/12/1988 in Harpenden.
Most sounds by Richard Youngs.

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