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Richard Youngs

Under Stellar Stream


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Folk

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For his latest album, UK avant-folk maverick Richard Youngs seems to be converging on some of the most assured and firm-footed vocal work of his career to date, fashioning rock-solid songs from typically leftfield instrumental tactics. On 'Broke Up By Night', Youngs sounds like a gnarled old folkie of almost Ewan MacColl proportions, albeit accompanied by organ drone and wispy electronics. It's a rather magical, mantra-like cadence he elicits, and the album springboards nicely from this point. Slightly more esoteric musical texts will come your way, with 'Cluster To A Star' delving into repeated, mystical lines - something continued by 'Arise Arise', which maybe plays the wizened old magus role a little too heavy-handedly for the more casual Youngs follower. The album closes strongly, with 'My Mind Is In Garlands' and the weary piano-driven 'The Bells Of Spring', half bringing to mind a minimalist take on Robert Wyatt's brand of songwriting.

Cat. number: jag157lp
Year: 2010

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