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File under: Performance Art

Olga Szymula

2 (LP)

Label: Nomadic Island

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

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200 copies, LP, 180 gr. vinyl. Olga Szymula is polish experimental sound maker and performer. She currently lives and creates her electro-acoustic worlds in Denmark. Her works take forms in concerts, records, film scores, installations and performances. She bends and plays around with music forms, combining playful melodies and songs with abstract forms and noises. Her debut LP is "like a toothpaste tube of psilocybin rainbows and juttering dislocations. A sizzle of torn circuitries and bright petroleum blisters that spill haunt-o- delically from its instrumental start into the mysteriously entitled ‘Ø’. She romps around like a devil in a Laura Ashley dress A tasty derangement on the subject (from what I can tell ) of good Samaritan turned psychotic carer, a tale that flashes at you in unnerving spasms of sonic perversity taunted by Olga’s somewhat scary vocal posturings. A chilling (slightly Hanayo-esque) chanteuse that plunders some super cute / bunny-boiler depths as she romps around like a devil in a Laura Ashley dress. She rips into your ears with insane cackles and cross-eyed thickets whilst a caged something can be heard within, knocking itself senseless against its containment. A gloriously unhinged and claustrophobic joy that abruptly leaves you wounded with wonder. This is a damaged and transgressive pleasure that has my “album of the year” stamp of approval. -Michael Rodham-Heaps (Freq)
File under: Performance Art
Cat. number: Nomad1
Year: 2019