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9 Solitaires

Label: KRAAK

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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Dag Are Haugan is certainly for most people not the most common name. Being half of the legendary Norvegian outfit Alog made him one of the most original musicians of the last decade. At the start of our label we did carry his debut on Myke Droner stating it as “classic". A couple of years further we received this wonderfull demo. You can call it guitar-glitch if you want... The result comes close to a beatless Gas, a more guitar-driven Novisad, etc... Pressed on vinyl-only, with artwork from Rune Grammofone's Kim Hiorthoy, this album will make you reconsider electronica (aka the “glitch/microsound-movement"), while the guitar world will be surprised to see how both, old and new traditions can be melted into one brilliant artwork. The music is very introspective creating different state of minds. Sometimes you discover yourself headbanging to what is generally called “ambient", while some other tracks put you in a kind of warm blackout. Those fans who were waiting for the ideal mix between Rocket Girl and Mego might have found what they been looking for. Ltd to 500 copies worldwide.
Cat. number: K030
Year: 2002

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