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A Dangerous Method - Excerpt 1
A Dangerous Method - Excerpt 2
A Dangerous Method - Excerpt 3
A Dangerous Method - Excerpt 4

Extrema Ratio

A Dangerous Method

Label: Alma De Nieto

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental



Alma De Nieto presents A Dangerous Method by Extrema Ratio. .xlaidox. : Voice, Effects, Alessandro Cartolari: Baritone Sax, Voice, Valdjau Kathportha: Electronics, Diego Rosso: Drums. Recorded by Dano Battochio: 30th November & 1st December 2019 at Mediaducks Studio Perosa Canavese (TO). Mixed By Dano Battochio: June 2020 Deepest Sea Torino. Mastered by James Plotkin: October 2020, Bethlehem,PA, USA.

"A Dangerous Method is a fascinating album that yields more with each listen. At times it feels like the howls of something in pain, and it probably is in all fairness, but at other times it is comforting with pangs of pathos. This isn’t an album to get lost in but to try and escape from, because once it starts you are trapped in its labyrinthine maze with some hulking mythic creature on your trail." -

Cat. number: DNN 023 C
Year: 2021

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