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Richard Chartier

A field for mixing

Label: Room40

Format: CD digipack

Genre: Experimental

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'richard chartier's monochromatic aesthetic has come to define an audio culture surrounding minimalism. His craftsmanship, working predominately with sounds that exist at the edges of perception is a powerful, albeit subtle statement about notions of space and sound density. With A Field For Mixing', chartier  brings the physicality of space directly into his compositional practise. Recording a variety of small and large spaces in Australia, Japan and the USA (amongst other locations), chartier  utilises the unique properties of these spaces to create a newly defined acoustic space one that resonates with his characteristic treatments. Dedicated to Steve Roden, the near 50 minute A Field For Mixing is a wholly engaging journey. It contracts and expands with a curious sense of depth that at times is utterly absorbing - drawing the listener deeper and deeper into the acoustic layers as one aspect is added and another withdrawn. The second piece, A Desk For Mixing dedicated to William Basinski), is equally measured. Based on his site-specific installation work 'Mixing Desk' presented at the Montalvo Art Centre in 2006, this stereo rendering expands the themes of the installation into a gentle swelling ocean of post-ambiences and high frequency static. Elegant and immersive.' - Metamkine
Cat. number: RM 439
Year: 2010

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