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Richard Chartier


Label: Raster-Noton

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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This release is an expression of long-lasting artistic ties between both labels. In the greyness, heavy waves begin to glide into the one-hour work. They swell and flood a vacuum. Richard Chartier intensifies this maelstrom in long and graceful moves. In a majestic and subtle manner, he creates a subsonic vastness, capturing the listener, disconnecting him from the irrelevant reality. The end mirrors the beginning -- revealing the idea of an endless space in an endless composition. Finally, Incidence is a sound stream seeking to transform time into a certain timelessness. Chartier runs the label Line, following the traditions of Trente Oiseaux by focusing on minimalist and non-beat-oriented sound experiments. His compositions often test the limits of auditory perceptibility. In this way, Chartier concentrates on the tiniest changes within seemingly static sound masses.
Cat. number: raster 075
Year: 2006

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