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Carl Michael von Hausswolff


Label: Raster-Noton

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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With his works the swedish artist Carl Michael Von Hausswolff takes interest in revealing and using accoustic, visual, social and cultural phenomena. For the cd Leech he acts as a parasite on works by Olafur Eliasson, Carsten Höller, Tommi Grönlund-Petteri Nisunen and Richard James. In the three first pieces he sucked energy-sound out from the electric functions of those works; sounds that normally can not be heard. On James' work he bruises the skin surface as leeches usually do before they penetrate the body. This is a new way of sampling; a reading of the un-readable in certain types of art works. It might be a l'art pour l'art-production but this was unavoidable as this search for the real continued.'Leech is the second release by Carl Michael Von Hausswolff on Raster-noton.
Cat. number: raster 067
Year: 2008

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