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Special limited to 50 copies, ART EDITION comes on white vinyl with a signed and hand-numbered inserts by the artists. "deep, long-form works by c.m. von hausswolff, each acting as the sound component to a separate collaborative  audio-visual work with juan pedro fabra and jan håfström, respectively ...“graf spee i” is a masterfully executed tone poem, involving a floating a pulsing, root-fifth sine cluster sporadically adjoined by a repeating ghostly figure ; it’s among von hausswolff’s more engaging work & works wonderfully as a stand-alone sans the video component ... “graf spee ii” sounds like ultra slown-down bell tones ; deep, bassy wobble intercut with short, perfectly timed pauses ...comes in a classy, almost alga marghen-esque type-only sleeve ; highly recommended !!!" Mimaroglu
Cat. number: #p!? 010 lp SP
Year: 2010

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