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Label: Presto!?

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

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Presto Records expands to the world of cassettes, or perhaps that should be 'limits to the world of cassette'? Inside there is a code mentioned by which you can get digital access to the material, which is a great move. Enrico Malatesta is a percussion player, who has worked with Claudio Rocchetti, Eugene Chadbourne, Tristan Honsinger and loads of people I never heard of. Here he plays 'handmade china, classical bass drum', without overdubs. Twenty-six minutes of improvised drum sounds. Its hard to say how he plays his drum, perhaps with the china? Both sides open with a zero second track, which is quite funny of
course, and then it starts. In all of the pieces that actually have music, things are built on resonant frequencies of the surface. Deep end rumble of 'something' over the drum skin, which make things rumble and shake. Only the final piece on side B (no titles here) is something different, maybe its the china alone talking here, but it sounds quite high in frequency range. Quite interesting this one, top heavy on all accounts. Excellent improvised music. (Frans De Waard)
Cat. number: P!?006
Year: 2009
ltd 100

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