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Greg DAVIS + Steven HESS

thirty thirty

Label: Presto!?

Format: CD digipack

Genre: Experimental

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The second release on Presto!? is a fascinating work from Greg Davis (who seems to have been remarkably quiet in recent times) along with Steven Hess. I have absolutely no idea of the background of the piece at the moment, but I can tell you it's a real voyage through field and environmental recordings. Their talent lies in gently manipulating the already beautifully varied sounds and then conjuring up a compelling narrative with them. From naturaistic moments through to more abrasive textures and soundscapes, there's a wealth of diversity here. Of course the samples can't really do it justice as you need to experience it in one sitting, but it's another very impressive string to the bow of this very impressive Italian label.
Cat. number: P!?002
Year: 2008

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