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File under: Spontaneous


Kakuan Suite (Lp)

Label: We Insist!

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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LP version. "Every now and then I meet a bull who announces itself with its horns ('Le Corna'). But it doesn't scare me, it moves and dances, it runs away. Archery ('Tiro') is its favourite ('Rito') hobby, and my bull likes tea. It always eats round roti ('Chapati') together with its bull ('tori') friends who all have bristling hair like hedgehogs and succulent plants. My bull keeps different things in the vegetable gardens ('Orti') and in the wineskins ('Otri'). Then there is the tail ('la coda'), and it is always the last thing I see." Personnel: Giancarlo Nino Locatelli - Bb clarinet, Alto clarinet on "Otri" and "Itro (Take1) - La Coda"; Andrea Grossi - double bass; Cristiano Calcagnile - drums, percussion.

File under: Spontaneous
Cat. number: LPWEIN11
Year: 2021

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