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File under: Spontaneous


Us (Lp box)

Label: We Insist!

Format: LP + CD

Genre: Jazz

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The Pipeline group begins as a trio, with Gianmaria Aprile and Simone Fratti. After a short period of free improvisation I suggested to face some compositions of mine, following a path that I’d been testing here and there for a while. In spite of the pieces being written quite traditionally, with a bass line, internal voices and in some cases even chord guidelines, I didn’t give Gianmaria and Simone the full score but I just played each piece repeatedly, leaving them free to improvise and slowly build a network of possibilities surrounding the main melody. Melody that in turn I modified following their “cushions”, “counter-melodies”, “voices” and “layers”.
The “movable plans” peculiarity of the trio’s music, its propensity to work on different layers also  individually, it’s exactly what brought me the idea to amplify the number of voices, doubling guitar and contrabass by adding Tito and Sergio, quite different and somehow complementary to Simone and Gianmaria. Giancarlo nino Locatelli
Housed in a deluxe printed cardboard LP box, also containing a CD version of the album, as well as 8 Fine art photos (by Pietro Bologna, taken during the recording session). Edition of 300 copies

File under: Spontaneous
Cat. number: WEIN-01
Year: 2018

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