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Cristiano Calcagnile

St( )ma (Lp box)

Label: We Insist!

Format: LP + Dvd

Genre: Jazz

In stock

Outstanding freeform blow-out by Free jazz percussionist, experimental composer, and all-round awesome dude Cristiano Calcagnile. The album features Calcagnile’s technically-brilliant drumming accompanied by a menagerie of found objects, glockenspiel, aerophone instruments and electrified metal sheet. The resultant is utterly unique. A vibrant album that blazes a trail of rhythmic intensity taking in many styles on his journey, also incorporating combustible electronics and effects in complex but disciplined form.
Housed in a deluxe printed cardboard LP box (strongly reminiscent of the early Hat Hut), also containing a Dvd, as well as 8 Fine art photos (stills from the video). Edition of 300 copies

Cat. number: WEIN-02
Year: 2018

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