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Guigou Chenevier, Sophie Jausserand

A l'Abri Des Micro-Climats (Lp)

Label: Megaphone

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

In stock

Megaphone and Knock Em' Dead present a reissue of Guigou Chenevier and Sophie Jausserand's A l'Abri Des Micro-Climats, originally released on RecRec Music in 1984. Guigou Chenevier was the drummer of Etron Fou Leloublan, a band that was barely like any other. To describe them in words could only take a mind so far to the reality of what they were like -- Eccentric, absurd, whimsical, and distinct are words that come to mind. Every member was a big part of their distinction. Guigou played extremely driven, tight rhythms that cut through previous human rhythmic logic, even though progressive rock was exploring new rhythms for years beforehand. A year before Etron Fou Leloublan's last record, Face Aux Elements Dechaines (1985), Guigou released his second solo album, A l'Abri Des Micro-Climats, or in English, "In the Shelter of Microclimates". A l'Abri Des Micro-Climats is a concept-album based on a series of non-conventional "songs", composed by Guigou Chenevier and his wife Sophie Jausserand. Sophie wrote a big part of the lyrics of this album, sings on some songs (also as a duo with Guigou in "La Maladie des Fourmis"), and she also realized all the sleeve design of the album with the whale. Sophie and Guigou also used two poems by Sophie's father for this project on "Vive l'Anarchie" and "Ecartelage". They also invited some musician friends to add some parts on this record: Guy Sapin on guitar (Guigou played many years together with Guy with different groups like Encore Plus Grande, Octavo, or Barbarie Légère, amongst others), Dominique Grimaud on synths (of Video Aventures; Dominique participated to Guigou's theater and music project Le Diapason du Père Ubu in 1990-93), and Christiane Cohade on bass (of French groups Les I and the female quartet Virgule IV). A lost treasure that will surely captivate and intrigue listeners, now brought back to life. Edition of 300.
Cat. number: MEGA 035LP
Year: 2018