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Wanda Group

A slab about being held captive

Label: NNA Tapes

Format: LP

In stock


Louis Johnstone has carved out a distinctive production style from noisy, often heavily compressed but surprisingly subtle recordings under a number of aliases, such as Dem Hunger for Leaving Records. His Wanda Group releases have made him one of the more reliably fascinating names in freeform noise and electronics, with a spate of standout releases in recent months for the likes of Notown, Opal Tapes and Where to Now. This new adventure on NNA is especially changeable, a long, thin thread of sound environments phasing in and out of being. When did this field recording turn into a smooth sea of synth dunes? When did this needle-sized drone turn into hall of giant machines? The whole is like being shrunk to the size of an ant and hitching a ride on someone's hearing aid, or getting lost in the plumming, electrics and air-conditioning of an office block. Another deeply absorbing sonic experience from Johnstone.

Cat. number: NNA068
Year: 2014
Genre: Electronic

Includes an MP3 download card and a 12" insert.