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last days of montrose house (excerpt)
File under: Ambient


Abandoned In Sleep (10")

Label: Infinite Greyscale

Format: 10"

Genre: Electronic

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Single sided 10”, pressed on silver vinyl with screen-printed B-side. Numbered edition of 300. Infinite Greyscale is delighted to present a new long-form composition by Anduin. Since 2008, Jonathan Lee has been releasing beguiling and dusky cinematic music to great acclaim. Last Days of Montrose House is a deeply impressionistic work that’s constantly changing scene and perspective. Like entering a long abandoned building, it suggests both physical space and the unknown.  The sound of a projector rolls to a foreboding rumble that invites the listener into a smoky, wide screen vision. Eventide drones give way to shuddering beats that emerge from shadowy depths. Distant sounds, both familiar and unrecognizable, pierce through layers of static. And just when it seems there’s no more air left in the room, the piece moves into another chapter – no single element ever outstaying its welcome.  Last Days of Montrose House is both a complex narrative and an immersive environment. Comes with download code, including remixes by Stephen Vitiello, Radere, Borne, Chester Hawkins, .thejass., Elian, and Tag Cloud, totaling 47 minutes of bonus material.

File under: Ambient
Cat. number: IGR06
Year: 2015

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