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Holly Herndon

Body Sound

Label: Infinite Greyscale

Format: 10"

Genre: Electronic

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'Body Sound' is a dynamic collaboration from sound artist Holly Herndon and dancer/choreographer Cauahtemoc Peranda, composed and performed at Stanford University's famous CCRMA. Using Peranda's body as a voice, Herndon maps and spatialises a kinaesthetic grammar of stomping feet and flying limbs punctuated by shuddering shockwaves and wrenched gasps. Like her previous work with vocals and laptops, 'Body Sound' is a unique duet between the corporeal and the computerised, a unique, abstracted expression of the relationship between digitised dynamics and physical movement which should spark the imagination of any forward-looking dance music fans and electronic connoisseurs.

Cat. number: IGR 04
Year: 2014

Silkscreened b-side Insert | Limited edition of 300 copies.

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