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Secret Oyster - excerpt 1
Secret Oyster - excerpt 3

Secret Oyster

Secret Oyster (LP)

Label: Long Hair

Format: LP

In stock

This is the first official re-release of Danish act Secret Oyster`s debut album and the first of a series of 4 reissues of Secret Oyster legacy of 4 fantastic albums from 1973-1976. Originally it was released through CBS Records in November 1973. Secret Oyster was founded by former members of Burnin´ Red Ivanhoe, Coronarias Dans and Hurdy Gurdy, all well professional and prolific Danish musicians. On their first album, internationally also sold under the name Furtive Pearl, the band play a jamming, slightly psychedelic type of instrumental prog -jazz-rock with strong and memorable themes which provide some hooks to hold on to. Dominant instruments on the album are guitar, organ/ electric piano and alto/ soprano saxes, latter played by Karsten Vogel who is known for his great work with Burnin´ Red Ivanhoe. The drums keep a steady driving beat throughout most of the album and formed with the bass a swinging rhythm section driving the music forward with constant energy. This is a fantastic album for lovers of the type of progressive rock with jazzy influences featuring long, improvised and instrumental sequences with a hard rocking rhythm section playing with unbelievable energy. Secret Oysters´ first album is a real tour de force, a high quality progressive jazz-rock album you shouldn´t miss. Album comes with band story and rare photos. Remastered from original tape with brilliant sound. Extremely great stuff!
Cat. number: LHC 216
Year: 2019
Genre: Psych