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Vidunderlige Kaelling - excerpt 1
Vidunderlige Kaelling - excerpt 2

Secret Oyster

Vidunderlige Kælling (LP)

Label: Long Hair

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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Vidunderlige Kælling is the third full-length studio album by Danish progrock jazz/ fusion act Secret Oyster. The album was made specifically and on request for a ballet of the same name starring one of the greatest Danish female ballet dancers at the time Vivi Flindt (it's Vivi posing naked on the cover of the album). The music on this album was composed simultaneously with the tracks that would make up the 4th full-length studio album by Secret Oyster called 'Straight To The Krankenhaus', which was published a year later. The music on Vidunderlige Kælling was meant for more structured setting than the band's usually more jamming approach, but the majority of the music still sound unmistakably like Secret Oyster though just a bit less jamming. It means progrock jazz fusion on a very high level. Weather Report is the most obvious reference, but Secret Oyster in opposite to Weather Report had a amazing guitarist in the line up who gave them a different sound and makes it more a rock than a jazzrock band. As on the albums before the music is freely instrumental and while there are guitars soloing in the bands music, now it is sax player Karsten Vogel and keyboard player Kenneth Knudsen who are mostly in focus. The production is excellent and worthy. Again a great album by a rather underrated band. Album comes with insert, including story by Karsten Vogel and rare photos. All Secret Oyster albums are limited edition. Comes with two bonus tracks.
Cat. number: LHC 218
Year: 2019

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