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File under: PsychBrazil


Afro-Progresivo (Lp)

Label: Pharaway Sounds

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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 LP version. Includes download card. Pharaway Sounds present the first ever reissue of Cuasares' Afro-Progresivo, originally released in 1973. A wild, esoteric mix of psychedelic funk, Afro-Latin grooves, jazz, and Italian/French-styled library sounds courtesy of Cuasares, an enigmatic studio project created by pianist/arranger/visionary Waldo Belloso. Acid fuzz guitar, cosmic synth splashes, distorted organ, flute, vibraphone, and trippy studio effects. Originally released in Argentine in 1973 as a micro-edition. Includes insert with photos and detailed liner notes by Eduardo A. Elizalde Pietruczyk (aka Bubbling Minds) and Mike Wallace.
Cat. number: PHS058
Year: 2018
LP version. Includes download card.

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