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Albero Specchio
€ 16.50
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metzengerstein - Albero Specchio


Albero Specchio

€ 16.50

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: LP | CATALOG N. HS01 | YEAR. (2015)

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Metzergenstein’s music is some kind of shamanic black mass, with krautrock influences and a general opiate-flavored atmosphere. In this vinyl debut, firstly available on cassette, you can hear sounds ranging from space rock to Popol Vuh, but the overall sensation is one of a music that is really difficult to define. From the label press release "strong ritual characterization and with a fascination for a kind of ancestral magnetism that draws from a mythological alphabet, older than the human civilization.
The Metzengerstein's music is hallucinated, since it borrows the tools of classic psychedelia, turning over its premises. The other-world might be stranger than the more acidic of the trip can ever imagine.
Albero Specchio is its relentless soundtrack." / the album sees Donato Epiro of Cannibal Movie fame as a guest on flute, responsible of another captivating expedition to psychedelic, ecstatic tribal realms with the blinding 'Fiume Nero' for Black Moss the last year



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