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Guido Crepax

Bianca (Lithography)

Label: Btf - VM

Format: Lithography

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

* Limited Numbered Edition of 200 * In 1972, when his brother Franco asked him to work on the first Garybaldi’s album artwork, Guido Crepax already knew what would be the ideal character for the cover and interiors of “Nuda”. Young, rebellious, modern and antique at the same time, tormented and unconventional. Crepax chose Bianca because he felt a strong similarity between the anarchic and hallucinating story of her character and the psychedelic atmosphere of Garybaldi’s lyrics and music.

“We chose this image - where all the extra characters in the story, like the Lilliputians in Swift’s book, run around on the giant protagonist as on a female Gulliver - to emphasize the strong bond, always existing, between our father’s comic stories and all his other creations”. - Crepax Archive

The “Bianca” litograph is a detail of the drawing “Bianca Gulliver”, made by Guido Crepax in 1971 for the first edition of the volume “Bianca: una storia eccessiva” ("Bianca: an excessive story"). It is printed on 300gr. Munken Pure paper in a limited edition of 200 copies, each numbered, stamped and authenticated by Archivio Crepax.

Cat. number: -
Year: 2020


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