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File under: free improvisation

Masahide Tokunaga

Alto Saxophone 2

Label: Hitorri

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Masahide Tokunaga, born in 1982, is an alto sax player & improviser active on the Tokyo scene. This CD is his second solo album, and his first since the 2009 release of 'Alto Saxophone' on the Slub Music label five and a half years ago. Like that CD, these 7 tracks (recorded in January 2015) are made up entirely of subtly changing long tones played on the alto sax. This album is just as unique, but compared to the previous CD, which is made up entirely of soft playing, its sound is a great deal bigger, deeper and more powerful. Tokunaga continues his steady advancement as an incomparably original, extremely impressive sax player. A highly satisfying album.

Cat. number: hitorri994
Year: 2015

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