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Steve Tilston

An Acoustic Confusion (Lp)

Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: LP

Genre: Folk

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"The beautiful debut album by Steve Tilston was originally released by The Village Thing in 1971. Housed in a beautiful sleeve, it contained ten wonderful songs, mostly played on just acoustic guitar (plus voice, of course), which showed the great talent of a young Tilston that must have been listening to a lot of stuff by Bert Jansch, Nick Drake, or Davy Graham. Occasionally he is also accompanied by Dave Evans (guitar & vocals), Keith Warmington (harmonica & vocal), John Turner (string bass) and Pete Finch (violin). The ten songs on the album are original compositions written by Tilston himself, and this Wah Wah LP features two extra bonus tracks from 1978, previously unreleased on vinyl format, plus an insert with the lyrics."

File under: fingerstyle
Cat. number: LPS046
Year: 2007

Original Album (tracks 1-10) recorded February-March 1971.

Tracks 11 & 12 are bonus, studio demos recorded 1978.
Original LP (tracks 1-10) as VTS5. Digital remastering & audio restoration by Jim Hemingway, Shutesbury, MA.

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