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Buck Curran

Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas (Lp)

Label: Esp-Disk

Format: LP

Genre: Folk

In stock


LP version. On Buck Curran's second solo album, Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas, the emphasis switches to acoustic guitar, as compared to his first solo album, Immortal Light (ESPDISK 5014CD/LP, 2016). Side A, all solo acoustic instrumentals, seems to have fallen out of a wormhole emanating from Takoma Records in the 1970s. There's some of that on side B as well, but there are also vocals and other instruments, sometimes overdubbed, and the dedication of "Taurus" to Peter Green, guitarist extraordinaire of the original lineup of Fleetwood Mac (when they were a blues band), hinting at the breadth of Curran's influences. The introduction of other timbres and textures doesn't diminish the intimate, almost meditational mood, though. Co-released by ESP-Disk' and Curran's own Obsolete Recordings. Personnel: Buck Curran - vocals, guitars, harmonium, flute, banjo; Adele Pappalardo - vocals on "Dirt Floor". Mastering by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering.


- "Guitar tones linger and reverberate with a mystical translucence." --Dusted
- "The wonderful new Buck Curran LP on ESP-Disk', as gorgeous a psychedelic folk record as can be in 2016." --Jeff Conklin, host of The Avant Ghetto on WFMU
- "Curran's first album under his own name invokes swarming natural forces, looking for the borderline between the real and the sublime and, maybe, the supernatural." --Jesse Jarnow, Relix
- "Psych folk masterpiece shines bright." --Sid Smith, Prog
- "Curran has successfully tapped into that natural beauty and created a slice of alt-folk that is as engrossing as anything you're likely to hear." --Folk Radio UK

Cat. number: ESPDISK 5028LP
Year: 2018

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