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Sun Araw

Ancient Romans

Label: Drag City

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Electronic

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Delicious album of stoned psyche from Camerone Stallones, his first solo full length since last year's massive 'On Patrol'. In the meantime he's released some well received and diverse collaborations with Matthewdavid and Eternal Tapestry, but really, he's at his very best when left to own devices and free to wander bleary eyed and dopey through the sun baked dub soundscapes of his mind. It's so hard to escape any imagery of bacchanalian dream sequences given the sleeve and track titles, but strangely enough the analogy works uncannily well with the music. Parting the misty drapes of time, we enter 'Lucretious' where synths twirl free like toga-ed post-feast virgins and harps trickle like overproof red wine, but it's a dream yeah? Which would explain the booming dub basses transported across millenia to possibly aid digestion of that spit-roasted boar. Next in 'Crown Shell' vocals occasionally call out across the woozy, placid New Age synth-pools and laidback, eyes-shut guitar riffage, whereas 'Crete' planes at a higher altitude of some sacred mountaintop, buoyed by the updraft of infinite dub delays, and the organs and barely-bothered drums of 'Lute & Lyre' recall a ceremony conducted in the blazing heat, where everyone is losing track of the script and just there for the free vino and hash-oil annointments. Second disc, and 'At Delphi' submerges us somewhere more sublime, bathed in frothing, milky kosmiche tones, cleansed for the more sombre processional 'Fit For Caesar'. This all leaves us at the album highlight, 'Impluvium', a final orgiastic disco conclusion urged on by throbbing, ancient, tribal 4/4 and coated in gloopy, sticky-textured synth secretions while Stallones chants and Pan's preset pipes whistle to the writhing nymphs (Bommkat)
Cat. number: Sun Ark 012
Year: 2011

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