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Fantasias for Violin & Guitar - Excerpt 1
Fantasias for Violin & Guitar - Excerpt 2
Fantasias for Violin & Guitar - Excerpt 3
Fantasias for Violin & Guitar - Excerpt 4
File under: DuoContemporary

Maarja Nuut, Sun Araw

Fantasias for Violin & Guitar (12")

Label: Mida

Format: 12"

Genre: Experimental

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Estonian violinist & singer Maarja Nuut & LA’s psyche-experimentator Sun Araw hand in gentle, unpolished improvisations on their collaborative album “Fantasias for Violin & Guitar” recorded live on location by Jackson Bailey aka Tapes. Brought together by Tallinn’s IDA Radio under the umbrella of a 10-day sound residency in magnificent Narva Art Residency on the border of Estonia & Russia, Maarja Nuut & Sun Araw set up their gear to jump head first into unknown territory of live-improvisation.

Don’t let the title fool you though, as the intro “White Comb” unveils, there’s more here than the old violin & guitar, there’s Buchla magic, entertaining tries to MIDI a violin, gentle glockenspiel fills, occasional bursts of electronica zooming in from unknown sources & Cameron Stallone’s guitar swings all over the place glued together by Maarja’s stellar voice. This is the debut release by MIDA, a new record label based in Tallinn, Estonia.

File under: DuoContemporary
Cat. number: MIDA01
Year: 2020

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