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Rock Sutra - Excerpt 1
Rock Sutra - Excerpt 2

Sun Araw

Rock Sutra (LP)

Label: Sun Ark Records

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Sun Araw released Rock Sutra, via Sun Ark, his Drag City sub-label. Cameron Stallones' latest LP consists of four long tracks. "The music is offered in a spirit of generosity and adventure," he says, "It doesn't stay put, and it keeps zooming in to reveal more and more. This is so you can zoom in and experience 'feeling-without-articulating' for yourself, which is better than reading about it here."

Rock Sutra is the first album Stallones recorded live-to-MIDI with his band, which consists of Jon Leland on percussion, Marc Riordan on synthesizer and Stallones himself on synthesizers, guitar and vocals. Sun Araw, Stallones' long-running psychedelic project, has collaborated with the likes of The Congos and Laraaji over the years. He's also the cofounder of Duppy Gun, a project that pairs leftfield producers with Jamaican MCs. Listen to an edited version of Rock Sutra's opener "Roomboe."

This music keeps moving, zooming in on funk and rock forms as a means of experiencing the granular nature of “feeling-without-articulating” in the best way possible.

Cat. number: SA060
Year: 2020

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