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Ansätze Zum Taumel (Lp)

Label: Hronir Records

Format: LP

Genre: Noise

In stock

From the first split second on Krube. grabs your attention with his hyper tight musique concrete that combines sounds from everyday objects, body openings and non-definable machinery. An old accordion may surface but it doesn't prevent him from continuing straightforward cut-ups, thus exploring scary maybe even unknown territory. If he's to perform at your local venue, leave mama at home and witness. Raionbashi's bunker soundscape seems to be breathing with anxiety. In celebration of his earlier release In Teufels K critic Dan Warburton stated that all sounds are "absolutely exquisitely worked and placed with extraordinary attention to detail [...] that makes Lcurator of many shows and festivals in Berlin; he runs the magnificent shop/mailorder Rumpsti Pumsti and the label Tochnit Aleph. Krube. is a Berliner too. During his job as a concert organizer for innumerable punk and hardcore bands in Saarbrn he started his solo project in 1999 and eventually moved to the capital four years later. 'Anstze zum Taumel' is Krube.'s first official release to date. Raionbashi has gained quite a reputation for his releases on Hanson, Absurd and Entr'acte. Original front cover painting by Rudolf Mastered and cut at D+M. Edition of 500, vinyl only
Cat. number: hr0932
Year: 2009

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