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Anthology of American Pop Music - Excerpt 1
Anthology of American Pop Music - Excerpt 2
Anthology of American Pop Music - Excerpt 3
Anthology of American Pop Music - Excerpt 4

Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples

Anthology of American Pop Music (LP)

Label: Faitiche

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Six great pop standards remembered: five pop songs are dissected by sampler, stretched, compressed, and re-collaged. In this way, their identity is lost. What remains is a vague concreteness: flashes of déjà vu and remote echoes that evoke the original. GES (Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples) active members: Helmut Schmidt, Jan Jelinek Founded: 2009 Headquarters: Federal Court of Justice, Karlsruhe, Germany.

From the GES Glossary:

Sampling: Compositional practice whereby recorded music is fragmented, turned into sound collages and transferred into different contexts of meaning. Since the advent of affordable sampling technology in the 1990s, the music industry has been trying to criminalize and/or promote the practice. Both strategies are driven by the same principle: Profit.


Cat. number: fait-22LP
Year: 2020