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mary jane leach

Ariadne's Lament
€ 13.50
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mary jane leach - Ariadne's Lament

mary jane leach

Ariadne's Lament

€ 13.50

GENRE: Compositional | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. 80525-2 | YEAR. (2019)

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The music of Mary Jane Leach on this album draws on several sources of inspiration. The first is early music, with its polyphony and modal harmonies. Modal writing, as adapted to twentieth-century thought, focuses on the prolongation of a fixed collection of notes, arranged into either a traditional or an invented scale. Melodies and harmonies are created freely from this collection, without forcing them into highly directional and strongly articulated phrases. The result is a luxurious stasis, with poles of attraction-pitches that serve as points of repose-strongly stated. From modal antecedents, Leach dervices her own unexpected twists and innovations.

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