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Loren Connors

As Roses Bow: Collected Airs 1992-2002

Label: Family Vineyard

Format: CDx2

Genre: Experimental

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As roses bow: Collected Airs 1992-2002 is Loren Connors' Assembly of his most melodically rich and stunning miniature compositions. Inspired by O'Carolan's airs and other Irish airs of the pAst, these works, recorded during a ten year period, are melded with the distinctly personal and iconoclAst adaptation of Connors' blues. These 43 pieces are Connors' complete airs, culled from 10 albums (eight of which are out of print) and one single, including his groundbreaking Hell's Kitchen Park (Black Label, 1993), Moonyean (Road Cone, 1994), As well As obscure titles like St. Vincent's Newsboy Home (Item Recordings, 1998) and Lullaby (Carbon, 2001) plus four unreleAsed airs. Nearly the entire critically heralded Airs (Road Cone 1999) is remAstered and included As well. A timeless collection of the most gorgeous and accessible work from one of America's most iconoclAst artists. Also includes pieces from Five Points EP (Table of the Elements, 1994), 9th Avenue (Black Label 1995), Calloden Harvest (Road Cone, 1997), Evangeline (Road Cone, 1998), Standing Upright on a Curve (1998), and Sails (Table of the Elements, 2006). RemAstered by Jim O'Rourke.
Cat. number: FV54
Year: 2007