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1Kbyte Dungeon

Avventura nel Castello (Tape)

Label: Heimat Der Katastrophe

Format: Tape

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

** DIY Super-Limited Tape + Three Pins! ** Heimat Der Katastrophe presents Avventura nel Castello by 1Kbyte Dungeon. Driven by the thirst for adventure, you went down into the dungeons of the castle of the evil Baron Karloff and now you are lost. Behind its endless gates the most monstrous mysteries are hidden. Will you find the exit? Probably not. "Avventura nel castello" is a frightening time-machine able of transporting the listener into the disquieting era of monochrome Rogue-like CRPGs, textual adventures impossible to solve, endless labyrinths of pixels and frustrating platform games of the first era of video-gaming, in which the collision between two pixels was enough to make you sink into despair.

Cat. number: HDK 21
Year: 2018