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Gamelan Son of Lion

Bending the Gending

Label: GSOL Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Gamelan Son of Lion is a new music repertory ensemble and composers' collective based in downtown New York City. The ensemble uses Javanese-style iron gamelan keyboards made by Barbara Benary, who co-founded the group along with composers Daniel Goode and Philip Corner. Gamelan Son of Lion specializes in contemporary pieces written for the instruments of the Javanese and Balinese gamelan percussion orchestra. The ensemble has been performing since 1976, making it one of the oldest and best known new  music/ homemade gamelans in the country and has premiered over a hundred fifty new compositions by American and international composers in a variety of styles, adding electronics and other instruments as needed. In addition to its new music concerts, the group also presents traditional music of Java and Bali, wayang kulit shadow puppetry, Indonesian dance and collaborations with contemporary choreographers. The 6-12 member ensemble has toured in the  US, Indonesia, Canada, New Zealand, and Estonia.
Cat. number: gsol03cd
Year: 2002