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Gamelan in the New World, Vol. 1 - (excerpt 1)
Gamelan in the New World, Vol. 1 - (excerpt 2)
Gamelan in the New World, Vol. 1 - (excerpt 3)
File under: Resonating plates

Gamelan Son of Lion

Gamelan in the New World, Vol. 1

Label: Folkways Records

Format: Custom CD

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

**2020 stock** This album is a compilation of avant-garde art music performed by Son of Lion, an American Gamelan Orchestra that uses traditional Indonesian instruments as well as found objects (hubcaps, foodcans) in its music. The liner notes feature diagrams and/or descriptions of each piece that explain the nature of its unique composition. For example, Elena Carey describes the four nitrogen bases of D.N.A. and an analysis of the relationship between this raw genetic material her Gamelan music. The songs D.N.A. and Machine Shop were recorded live, while all others were recorded at the Rutgers University studio in New York.

This CD is a custom made copy from Smithsonian Folkways collection. Every effort has been made to preserve its historical and aural integrity. The original liner notes are include as a PDF file on the disc or are available here

File under: Resonating plates
Cat. number: FTS 31313
Year: 2020

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