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Bird Caged - Birdfriend Archives - excerpt 1
Bird Caged - Birdfriend Archives - excerpt 2
Bird Caged - Birdfriend Archives - excerpt 3
Bird Caged - Birdfriend Archives - excerpt 4
Bird Caged - Birdfriend Archives - excerpt 5
Bird Caged - Birdfriend Archives - excerpt 6


Bird Caged: Birdfriend Archives (2LP)

Label: EM Records

Format: LP x 2

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Very sick comp of new Japanese music - selected by a Japanese person, released on a Japanese label. Enter a world unknown!

"Birdfriend is a cassette label run by Japanese musician / composer Koshiro Hino, aka YPY, who is also a founding member of the Osaka band Goat. This compilation features 18 tracks by Japanese artists, from 2013-2017, previously available only on hard-to-find cassettes on the Birdfriend label, now available to you, the curious and courageous listener, worldwide on EM Records.

Rejoice and enjoy the fractured rhythms and future-now timbres, questing intelligences and D.I.Y. energy, conveyed to you through hand-made synths, custom electronics, synths and samplers. Compiled by Hino, who also provides liner notes and cover art, these Japanese artists share a love of texture, semi-skewed rhythm, simple-yet-evolving structure, and a sense of humour; yet despite these similarities, there is a great variety across this release, making for an exciting and cohesive musical experience."


01. Sofheso - M.N.L 
02. ShimettaInu - Bird Peck at Dead Dog 
03. New Manuke - Fastest Motor 
04. YPY - BFMIX B-3 
05. JMT Synth Pinosaku - Tansun 
06. ShimettaInu - Dog Is Surrounded By Birds 
07. UNBE - Vector Milk 
08. YPY - The Damo UFO 
09. Micro Futoshi - Reforest 1 
10. Inoue Shirabe - Sleep Talk 
11. Futoshi Moriyama - Time Limit 
12. OPQ - ENT 
13. Futoshi Moriyama - Nico Electro 
14. H. Takahashi - 4 
15. Micro Futoshi - Reforest 2 
16. UNBE - 5 Cubic Meters 
17. Bonnounomukuro - Enter the Exit 
18. Futoshi Moriyama - Piano and Sampler

Cat. number: EM1190DLP
Year: 2020
Genre: Electronic