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Matteo Uggeri, MY DEAR KILLER, Modern Day Monks

Blind Tarots

Label: Under My Bed Recordings

Format: TAPE

Genre: Folk

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Blind Tarots is a split tape featuring the contribution of My Dear Killer & Matteo Uggeri (Italy) and Modern Day Monks (Indiana, USA). The tape shows two different but somehow related attitudes to approach soft, minimalist, introspective folk. 
The A-side is played with acoustic guitars by My Dear Killer and processed by Matteo Uggeri, who also provided field recordings and broken rhythms. The side is called “L'albero della Morte”, and flows uninterrupted through five sections along the branches, the leaves and the fluids of ‘a tree of death’, in a sort of contra-position to the concept of ‘tree of life’.
The B-side is softly played and gently sung by the American artist Sarah Dunevant, aka Modern Day Monks, and it’s titled “The Shadeof the Living Light”. Like the other side, it can as much be intended of an unique long composition, featuring a collection of sketched ‘found’ sounds and delicate songs.
The tapes are all hand stamped on heavy recycled cardboard boxes, enriched by three tarots card that may be interrogated by the listener to interpret fortune as much as misfortune. 

Cat. number: UMB#048
Year: 2016

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