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Matteo Uggeri, Mourning Dove

Does the Moon not dream (3CD)

Label: Alma De Nieto

Format: 3CD

Genre: Experimental



** Edition of 300 ** Elena Botts is American, lives in Washington DC. Matteo Uggeri is Italian, lives in Milan. When this album was conceived, in 2018, she was 22, he was 44. Three years after its conceiving, the album is now released in Spring 2021 by the historical ADN records (, that since 1984 has published artists like Pascal Comelade, Merzbow, Pierre Bastien, Tasaday, Riccardo Sinigaglia, Cranioclast, Sigillum S, Christina Kubisch, Third Ear band and many others… Elena's works under her moniker Mourning Dove are primarily built on her voice and poems, Matteo's ones are usually instrumental releases in the so-called field of 'modern classical/experimental'. This joint album was made in an extremely spontaneous way, sending files across the Atlantic ocean: Elena recorded a set of spoken poems and three sung pieces, often outdoor, walking in streets and fields, and Matteo arranged them all grabbing mostly acoustic sounds often provided by his long time collaborators.

Due to the strong and at the same time delicate timbre of Elena's voice, in spite of the relatively wide set of instruments, the album sounds minimal and rarefied, as a long gentle suite of sparse notes and occasional rhythms driven by female vocal chords.

Mourning Dove (Elena Botts): lyrics, vocals. Matteo Uggeri: sounds, composing and mixing. My Dear Killer: acoustic and electric guitar. Andrea Serrapiglio: cello. Francesca Stella Riva: trombone. Alessandro Sesana: trumpet. Maurizio Abate: mandoloncello. Franz Krostopovic: piano and violin. Alberto Carozzi: electric guitar. Cristiano Lupo: bass.

Cat. number: -
Year: 2021

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