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Črepy - Excerpt 1
Črepy - Excerpt 2
Črepy - Excerpt 3
Črepy - Excerpt 4


Črepy (Tape)

Label: Warm Winters

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

Preorder: To be released in mid/late July 2021


** Edition of 50 ** Meditations on almost falling. All proceeds will be donated to Vagus, a local organisation helping people experiencing homelessness. Thank you to mu tate, Ivan Zoloto, Adela Mede (Adela Donoval, Ashley Grace, Cecilia Morgan, Eleanor Ferrand-Brooke, Rebecca Cockram, Jacob McGarry, Verity Alderman), Lucy Duncombe, HMOT, Medina Bazargali, Elina Bolshenkova, Malvern Brume, Leila Bordreuil, Zach Rowden, Ferrand, Sonicwilderness Brno Crew (AGF, Antonie Bernadová, Eva Marie Sližová, Jamie Hrabců, Ján Solčáni, Jennifer Helia De Felice, Jouli Bijo, Katarína Kadijevič, Klára Odehnalová, Michal Mitro, Sandrine Amadou Titi), JC Leisure, Kepla and everyone else who contributed sounds or field recordings. Sculpture pictured on the cover art by Natália Blahová. Cassette layout/design by Taavi Kelle. Mastered by Adam Badí Donoval.

Cat. number: WW010
Year: 2021

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