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Broken TV Audio Report (Cd)

Label: Consumer Waste

Format: CD

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In the last 10 years Akira Matsuoka (aka Veltz) has established himself as a key figure in the next generation of Tokyo noise artists. His work covers a wide range: metal junk noise, erased tapes, field recording and audio dedications to analogue television. Analogue broadcasting in Japan was switched of in 2011, an event recorded by Matsuoka and presented at the end of this album. The collection of CRT televisions he has since amassed have become his primary instrument, used in numerous performances and on his CD for edition Omega Point. The tracks on this disc demonstrate the range of this instrument. Recorded over a 6 year period, they comprise a catalogue of the sound fields Matsuoka is capable of provoking from these abandoned screens.

Cat. number: cw20
Year: 2018
Genre: Sound Art

Released in oversized 7” package with letterpress back panel and a 16 page risograph booklet of macro photographs of analogue television noise. Limited and numbered to 150 copies.