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Object Shape Description - excerpt 1

Marco Lampis

Object Shape Description (CD)

Label: Consumer Waste

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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**Limited and numbered to 150 copies** "Object Shape Description" is the debut recording by Brussels based Italian artist Marco Lampis. Lampis works between the visual and auditory disciplines, creating installations both with and without sound, in which discrete sensory perceptions become entangled. How might we understand sound through sight or be able hear by looking? This collection of recordings is inspired by the rhetorical figure of Ekphrasis in which a visual artwork is described verbally. Here, Lampis uses experimental voice process akin to echo location to describe using disjointed phonemes the shape of various vases. Dense clouds of fragmented annunciations ricochet between subject and object.

Cat. number: cw22
Year: 2019

Released in an edition of 150 in an oversized 7” sleeve accompanied by a 12 page risographed booklet featuring drawings and 3D scans by Lampis, an essay by Elena Biserna, and a letterpressed backpanel.