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Michael NYMAN

Cine Opera

Label: The Vinyl Factory

Format: LPx2

Genre: Compositional

In stock


Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide, each hand-signed and individually numbered by Michael Nyman. Cine Opera represents Michael Nyman at a creative peak, bringing together the old and the new, a powerful statement on the timeless nature of his work, his continuing relevance, and his enduring success in multiple artistic fields. La Traversée de Paris was first commissioned in 1989 to mark France’s bi-centennial celebrations. Nyman continued to use tracks from La Traversée de Paris in other projects – for concert, film and opera, and this process of re-assigning music has informed his approach ever since. As Nyman has toured the world as a musician and composer, he has kept his camera in hand, and the resulting photographs formed the basis for an acclaimed book, Sublime, and an ongoing series of short films that have been shown at galleries including Tate Modern and MOMA. It was on his travels in Mexico City that he discovered the Teatro Cine Opera, a beautiful cinema, now in disrepair. Nothing is defunct to Nyman however, everything is open to reinterpretation and holds creative promise.

Cat. number: VF015
Year: 2010

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