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Sigillum S

Coalescence of Time: Other Conjectures on Future (Tape)

Label: Hospital Productions

Format: Tape

Genre: Electronic

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** 2021 Stock. Edition of 150 ** “… we propose to study a generalized growth model, including all categories of unconventional literatures and yet coalesce them around critiques of linear thought… hence our estimates would be some of the endless positive examples for further conjectures on the end of time…. this could drive the need to communicate perception samples to all other forms of intelligence… evocative prescriptions which could offer potentially misleading guidance for future research, but nonetheless alter sensorial mixing times with random cycles and fragmentation chains…” Performance by Eraldo Bernocchi: Electronics, Sequences + Macro Devices. Bruno Dorella: Drums, Percussion, Drum Machine, Concrete Sounds, Guitar, Piano + Synth. Paolo L. Bandera: Electronics, Samples + Micro Devices.

Cat. number: HOS-703
Year: 2018

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