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Sigillum S

Organic Skyscrapers & Occult Wastelands

Label: Diophantine Discs

Format: Vinyl 10”

Genre: Noise

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'I really don't know what to say... I have just released a 10' by my favorite band! Released to coincide with the first Sigillum S concert in the US, which we hosted in Chicago on June 7th, 'Organic Skyscrapers & Occult Wastelands' features three brand-new tracks. With unusual electronics, processed and treated guitars, piano, etc., and a host of other elements, rhythms and loops, it takes the listener on a bizarre and beautiful journey.

The music and imagery of Sigillum S has intrigued and captivated me over the years. Since starting in 1985 their work has drawn from such a wide variety of sources (musically and otherwise), all drawn into a cohesive and inimitable whole. Their work has been previously released on their own Verba Corrige label, as well as Cthulhu, ADN, Old Europa Cafe, Misty Circles, Daft, Artware, Unclean, and Minus Habens. In addition to their extensive discography, their members continue to pursue other musical outlets, including Sshe Retina Stimulants, Ashes, Charged, and Komplet.

'Post-noise alchemy, occult style crushing, through walls of streaming root wastelands and cultural archaeology deviance... A gorgeous stench of acoustic fright pollution.'

Pressed on clear blue-marble vinyl and packaged with color covers printed on silver paper. Limited to 200 copies.'---LABEL DESCRIPTION
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Cat. number: n = 17
Year: 2008

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