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Collective Improvisation

Label: PSF Records

Format: CD

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Gorgeous extended drone-n-clatter collective improvisation recorded live on 10/18/97 at Asahi Square in Tokyo. Excerpted from a four-hour performance. Marginal Consort was the name chose for the reformed version of the East Bionic Symphony, yet another 'legendary' lost Japanese improvisation collective. The original group was a class project formed by students of the minimal violinist and multi-media guru Tkahisa Kosugi (of Taj Mahal Travellers fame). They released one rare record of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink ambient fug at the time (in 1976). This version of the group features a lot of names that may be familiar to PSF obsessives -- Kazuo Imai has had a great solo record on the label, and was a pupil of both Kosugi and freeform guitar-god Masayuki Takayanagi. Masami Tada is a sound-sculptor of some note who has many solo documents 'available'. Yasushi Ozawa is of course better known as the bassist with Fushitsusha. Chie Mukai is the leader of dream-psych group Che-Shizu and a solo performer in her own right

Cat. number: psf 104
Year: 2008

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