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Krewton the Knewtron

Label: PSF Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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'Previously unreleased material by the legendary Rick Potts of the Los Angeles Free Music Society (LAFMS), to commemorate his solo tour of Japan. Raw, lo-fi avant-garde experiments with field recording, improvisation and tape music, recorded in the late seventies when Rick was in his early twenties. Featuring contributions by Le Forte Four and Doodooettes on one track, and two recently recorded unreleased tracks.
" In 1977 I wanted to make an animated film filled with the strange creatures in my sketch book. I called it From the Land of the Trushkin Ploon. There was no real story but it was to be a film with no words that would be a documentary of the odd figures I was drawing. I wanted to have a soundtrack to go with it. It is customary in animation to create the soundtrack first and than make animation to fit the sound. I began working on sounds and music for this film idea as well as drawing. The project was never realized except for the drawings and recordings. As I made the four-track recordings I made cassette mixes to listen to. This is what has been digitized for the CD along with sounds captured directly onto a portable cassette recorder. Also included are a couple of songs from later years. All recording were made in 1977 or 1978 except the last two songs.'
Cat. number: PSFD 201
Year: 2012
Includes liner notes in English and Japanese. Original Rick Potts cover painting and illustrations. Twenty tracks, 38 minutes.

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