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Label: Improvised Music From Japan

Format: quadruple CD

Genre: Music from Japan

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gorgeous 4cd set (each copy packaged in a different cloth bag) by kazuo imai’s marginal consort - a collective formed in one of takehisa koshugi’s classes at bigakko art school in 1975 which continues to this very day...
the lineup includes imai (a student/assistant of masayuki takayanagi’s who later formed east bionic symphonia (essentially an earlier version of this very group with chie mukai) and eventually joined taj mahal travelers and takayanagi’s new direction unit), yasushi ozawa (a member of keiji haino’s fushitsusha), tomonao koshikawa, kei shii, and sound-artist masami tada. this set contains the complete recordings from 2 of their yearly 2+ hour concerts...
so... what does it sound like you ask? well, yes, taj mahal travellers are a decent reference point... but i find this group’s improvisations rooted more in the traditions of early experimental-instrument/sound-art groups such as il gruppo, new phonic art, even later groups such as morphogenesis more than tmt’s head-music/effected psych-swirl.
Cat. number: IMJ 702-5
Year: 2007