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Tetsuya UMEDA


Label: Improvised Music From Japan

Format: CD

Genre: Music from Japan

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This is the debut album of Osaka-based sound artist Tetsuya Umeda (born in 1980). Active mainly in the fields of sound installation and performance, Umeda presents works that invariably explore the character of a particular space through physical phenomena and electricity-induced minimal movement. Ocket is made up of nine performance works produced and recorded in 2003-04 and featuring Umeda's self-made speaker tool. The impression of viewing the sound from the space above results in an effect that is closer to 'observation' than to 'performing.' Through this experimental endeavor, each track attains an unimaginably beautiful, prismatic resonance. Stimulating.
Cat. number: IMJ 701
Year: 2006

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CD+DVD | €27.99